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About me

another beloved quote
“ We must dare again to dream the impossible and to romance the world, to feel and honor our kinship with all species and habitats, to embrace the troubling wisdom of paradox, and to shape ourselves into visionaries with the artistry to revitalize our enchanted and endangered world. ”

My Skills

Offering Integrative massage, somatic therapies and soul engaging outdoor rites of passage work. I offer hands on bodywork, body centered inquiry with an animist lens. My work is unique in its approach to our more than human family, utilizing these relationships as a doorway into deeper work/questions. Where is my place? How do I experience belonging and how to I cultivate community while celebrating my sovereignty.

Ive had the privilege of practicing bodywork/massage for 15 years, owning and operating my own private practice, as well as working from Colorado to Mexico. Integrative massage steeped in Somatic Psychotherapy and Engaged Somatics. My skill and gift lies in listening to the wisdom/guidance of each unique nervous system, to arrive at a place of deep restoration/relaxation.

Much of my TA work revolves around ceremonial rites of passage work that honors and acknowledges the stages of life that highlight human maturation and thriving. The foundation and framework is informed by Somatics/Human Development and Attachment (Annie Brook), Ancestral Medicine and Animism (Daniel Foor), Animus Valley Institute (Bill Plotkin) as well as my own personal practice over that last 10 years in indigenous wisdom- sweat lodge and vision questing.

I am honored to have had the opportunity to study under and serve many gifted and skilled teachers, both human and other than human